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This is for you Mr. ROSSI 


My Name Is James And You Asked My Company To Build The Downstairs Shower The Exact Same As Your Existing Up stairs Shower. The FIRST Drawing You See Here is like your outdated shower. Yes this is a frameless shower that only opens out because it has the dreaded polycarbonate strike BECAUSE OF THIS  Unique LAYOUT and exsisting shower has out dated channel that we never use. So back to your new shower, this morning I sat down and started transferring measurements to the cut table and stopped myself. I JUST HATE the way i first designed it and now i want to do it different. So i drew up a kind of radical new never tried design. FAST GLASS HAS BEEN IN BUSINESS IN SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY SINCE 1995. OVER THE YEARS, WE HAVE BECOME DIVERSIFIED IN THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES WE OFFER OUR CUSTOMERS. WE TAKE PRIDE IN OFFERING ONLY HIGH QUALITY GLASS AND MIRROR PRODUCTS AND BACKING THEM UP WITH RELIABLE SERVICE, FROM ORIGINAL INSTALLATION THROUGH FOLLOW-UP MAINTENANCE AND WARRANTY. Thanks for agreeing to drop the height of the first planned shower so it wont look weird with top hinge delete.







We Built this Custom Frameless Shower door to OUR LIKING. IT Was constructed out of thicker 1/2" clear tempered to give it some added rigidity. Mr.Rossi